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There’s always something fun and exciting going on at Frederick Living. The more you know about what’s going on here, the easier it is for you to become involved—and that makes Frederick Living a more interesting community for all of us. View our latest news below or use the menu to the left to get more detail—and be sure to follow us on Facebook for regular updates as well!

Our Founder

March 1, 2021
Our Founder Rev. Nathaniel Bertolet Grubb, born in Frederick, Pennsylvania in 1850 had limitless energy and strong conviction. Pastor of the large First Mennonite Church, Philadelphia, he was a popular preacher throughout the Eastern District Conference of the General Conference Mennonite Church up to at least his 86th year. (He preached over 7,000 sermons.) A man of action, Grubb obviously moved quickly when there was human need, but he also was a man of prayer and contemplation. He was described by a friend this way: “In him is no evasion, but practical Christianity of kind words and deeds, an unselfish and upright life.” Some of his accomplishments as an innovative leader and organizer include:
  • Christian Endeavor
  • Young People’s Convention
  • President Eastern District Conference
  • English secretary Eastern District Conference
  • Founder and Editor The Mennonite
  • Founded Mennonite Home for the Aged
  • Ordained Ann Allebach in 1911
  • Commissioned Annie Funk to India
  • Member Publication Board General Conference Mennonite Church
  • Founded and edited the Schwenksville Item Newspaper
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Our Beginning

February 9, 2021

Our Beginning

Dreamer and visionary, Rev. N.B. Grubb went out on a financial limb in 1896 when he negotiated to buy the defunct Frederick Institute following a public auction with no acceptable bids. He had no firm institutional backing except the last minute go-ahead of his own congregation.

Rev. Grubb must have been a persuasive man. Donation of pennies and dollars began coming in from all over the community and all the congregations. Support was so enthusiastic that they ‘quit collecting when they had secured the needed $1,521.50 with only part of the conference solicited.” Meticulous accounts in ledgers, recorded every donation, whether money, two jars of jam, or a basket of turnips.

Without authorization, Rev. Grubb purchased the Frederick Institute; he did, however, have the last-minute approval of the First Mennonite Church, Philadelphia, who promised a solid contribution of $586. Grubb’s friends donated another $154. Purchased for $1,150, The Frederick Mennonite Home opened officially on September 1, 1896, about six months after Grubb’s maverick purchase.

Benjamin Bertolet was chosen as the first president of the Home’s Board of Managers “In recognition of the services rendered in consummating this project.”

“The spirit of benevolence has always been a noted characteristic of the Mennonite Church, and the care of the needy among their number is a cardinal principle of the church, though not always carried out in practice as it should be. The Home of Frederick is an outgrowth of this spirit of charity.” Rev. N.B. Grubb, 1897

The first Annual Report was published in May of 1897. The name of the organization was The Mennonite Home of the Eastern District Conference.

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Frederick Living Welcomes New Board Members

January 13, 2021

Anyone who serves on the Board of a non-profit organization performs a noble work. I am deeply grateful for those individuals who give of their time and talent to lead and to provide effective governance for Frederick Living. Accordingly, we acknowledge the dedicated service and the commitment to mission of outgoing Board members, James Longacre and Dean Stoesz. “Thank you” Jim and Dean for investing yourselves in our community.
Welcoming the following to their first term on the Board was a highlight of the November 2020 Board Session:
Sunita Nikerle teaches mathematics in the higher education setting.
Sharon Holfeld is a senior level administrator for a multi-site physicians practice.
Jim Landis is a recently retired business owner/operator.
Diverse backgrounds and expertise are important to a Board that seeks to lead with a future mindset. Just as critical are the traits and qualities of the individual themselves. Each of the above was interviewed prior to appointment to ensure commitment to mission, alignment with core values and readiness for the robust engagement that Board leadership entails.
We request your prayers for our new members and for the full Board complement as they seek to lead well in the days ahead.

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Holiday Recipe from Chef Shawn!

December 21, 2020

If your looking for a Holiday Dinner idea, look no further! Our very own Chef Shawn has got you covered with a Holiday Coffee Rubbed Venison Tenderloin w Mushroom and Port Reduction!

Check out the recipe!

Holiday Coffee Rubbed Venison Tenderloin with Mushroom and Port Reduction

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Fall Food Drive for Salvation Army Collects 490 LBS of Food

October 12, 2020

Thanks to everyone who donated non-perishable food to our fall food drive!

 We collected 490 pounds of food for the food pantry at the Pottstown Salvation Army!

 We appreciate your generosity during these unprecedented times.

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Notice of Retirement

October 1, 2020


FROM:John Hendrickson, CEO

RE: Notice of Retirement

DATE: September 30, 2020

On Monday, September 28th the Frederick Living Board of Directors received and accepted my notice of retirement to be effective February 28, 2021. Many of our residents will recall what it is like to take that step. For me to deliberately move from employment in a career and a life that has been my passion and livelihood is no easy step, however, it is a good and right thing for Frederick’s future and for my family.

We are fortunate to have a strong senior leadership team, as well as, a faith-based Sponsor, Mennonite Health Services (MHS), accomplished and poised to be able to assist the Board in the search and transition of a new CEO.

It is important to confirm that this is not a resignation. It is an advanced notice of my retirement. I will remain CEO, continuing to lead the senior leadership team and to give my full cooperation to the Board and MHS, until my tenure concludes at the end of February 2021.

Next year Frederick Living celebrates 125 years of faithful service to our mission. It is an incredible marker of God’s favor and an achievement for our residents, employees, donors, volunteers, families and all of those who have invested themselves, past present and future, to create a genuinely loving community. It will be a joyous celebration, an opportune time to welcome and to advance our calling with a new CEO.

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40 Years of Service – Congratulations!!!

September 4, 2020
Mary Alice Mack – Congratulations on 40 Years of Service at Frederick Living!!!
What an awesome accomplishment!
Outside of her Frederick Living Family, Mary Alice is married with 2 children and 2 beautiful grandchildren. She enjoys the great outdoors…camping, picnics, campfires. She loves where she works and especially the people she gets to work with!
She has weathered many storms at Frederick Living…poweroutages, floods, hurricanes, snowstorms…when any of these come our way she is the first to ask for a “room at the Inn” so she can stay and help in any way.
Mary Alice is also our best referral source, everyone knows and loves her and most of all trusts her!!!
Thank you Mary Alice Mack! Here’s to 40 more ❤️ We love you!!!
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Virtual Recruitment! Wednesday, September 2nd!

August 27, 2020

Please click on the flyer below to take part of this awesome event!

Virtual Recruitment Event Flyer 1

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PS Salons – New Point of Sale and Celebrations!

August 11, 2020


Starting next week each salon will have an iPad with our POS (point of sale) system. The stylists will no longer fill out sheets. The sales will be rung up on the POS system. Residents or caretakers will sign for each sale. At the end of the day the stylists will submit their sales to PS and the sales will be available to the community after they are submitted on the community dashboard through PS.

We will also be promoting our new Celebration Accounts. This will replace our gift certificates. All the outstanding gift certificates in the salons are still valid and will be used until they are gone. The Celebration Account information is attached. It is also a rewards program where the residents will earn extra dollars every time money is added to their account plus $5 during their birthday month. I have mailers that I will bring next week to be mailed out in the monthly billing. A family member, friend or a resident can add money to the residents account. It’s great for birthday and holiday gifts. It also gives the family members another way to connect with their loved one!

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Frederick Living Cedarwood Window Visitation and Salon Opening

July 20, 2020

Frederick Living Cedarwood Window Visitation
Effective 7/20/2020

We are pleased to move to the first phase of our reopening of Cedarwood COVID-19 transition! Frederick Living takes into consideration our most fragile residents in Cedarwood. We appreciate your participation and full cooperation with these criteria. We have consulted with the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), and the Frederick Living Medical Director. On 7/16/2020, Senior Leadership approved the following plan for Cedarwood window visitation (weather permitting), to begin on 7-20-2020. The following criteria are hereby outlined.
Cedarwood Window Visitation Criteria:
1. Visitors and residents should adhere to social distancing of 6 feet, wear a mask, and practice
hand hygiene by washing hands and/or using hand sanitizer.
2. Hours of visitation Monday through Saturday 10:00am to 11:30 am and 3:00pm through 4:30pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
3. Number of Guests: 2, must be over the age of 15 years
4. No Pet visitation at this time
5. Window visits will be scheduled by appointment with Life Enrichment. Please contact Lavon or Christine at 610-754-7878 ext. 203
6. No more than 2 visits per week to allow for other families to schedule visits as well.
7. Visitation time will be in ½ hour increments, by appointment.
8. Guests must be screened at the Magnolia front entrance and receive a guest tag for the specific date PRIOR to driving around to the designated parking spot at the end of the front parking lot. Signage and cones are place around designated parking spots. Follow the path in front of the parking spots to the third path on the left. This leads to the outside visitation area for Cedarwood.
9. Guests are not permitted in other areas of the campus, i.e. Personal Care, Bistro area, Gift Shop, etc.
10. Visitors are asked to promptly leave the campus after the schedule visit to allow time to prepare for the next visitors.
11. Frederick Living reserves the right to revoke visitation privileges due to noncompliance with these criteria, direction from the Pennsylvania Department of Health or an onset of COVID-19 on the campus.

Cedarwood Salon Re Opening:
Plans have been finalized to re-open the Salon on Violet Lane for our Aspen and Cedarwood residents starting the week of July 27, 2020. Your continued patience is appreciated, as we will try to get everyone seen as quickly as possible.

For questions or to report a concern, please contact: Ann Marks (610) 754- 7878 Ext. 123

Erica Moss NHA (610) 754-7878 Ext. 219

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