Life at Frederick Living

Abundant Opportunities

What do you think of when you hear the phrase abundant opportunities? Something new? Something exciting? Something you want to do on your own or with others? Something that will impact your life or someone else’s? Opportunities abound at Frederick Living. Find opportunities to give back, explore new ideas or travel the world.

Start Living with Purpose

Purpose Based Living

“Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl emphasizes the importance that purpose and meaning play in our lives. “Drive” by Daniel Pink explores the importance of autonomy, mastery and purpose. Book after book, study after study, land upon the importance of purpose-based living. Done right, thoughtfully, and reflectively, a lifetime of experiences fosters wisdom. You know what you find worthwhile. You have a sense of what gives you purpose. The things you have discovered about yourself are catalysts for a more fulfilling future. You will find that a purpose-based lifestyle is central, regardless of whether you live, visit, volunteer or work at Frederick Living.

Live in Community

At Frederick Living, our warm, welcoming culture makes it easy to connect with your neighbors and find your place in our community. Micro-communities of people with similar interests build community one shared experience at a time! Connect with people who find community in the Wood Shop, the Art Studio, the Body or the Auditorium during choir practice.

Engage Your Passion

Culture is Key

Summing it all up, while the amenities rival those of similar communities, the culture and resulting lifestyle make the difference. At Frederick Living you will discover abundant opportunities to live with purpose in community. Your story and journey are unique. You get to decide which opportunities you pursue and which micro-communities you join. Many people find a life they never could have imagined in retirement at Frederick Living.

Be Apart of the Community