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For nearly 130 years, Frederick Living has been serving people in Montgomery County as a continuing care retirement community. Inspired by the life of Jesus, we cultivate vibrant community for purposeful living. In addition to providing abundant opportunities to live with purpose in community, Frederick Living embraces community, excellence, service, stewardship, innovation and integrity. Frederick Living joined Garden Spot Communities in 2024.

Frederick Living is a conference-related ministry of the Mosaic Mennonite Conference of Mennonite Church USA and is affiliated with Mennonite Health Services; LeadingAge PA and LeadingAge.

Spark a Pro-Aging Revolution

Our aspirational envisioned future, explained: Garden Spot Community is a significant catalyst for sociocultural transformation regarding aging—resulting in new language, new mindsets and new attitudes which are fully embraced by society. We reject can’t, shouldn’t and won’t because of age. Age is no longer seen as a liability but instead a reality that is leveraged in ways that improve the life of the individual, the wellbeing of communities and also benefits society.

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Inspired by the life of Jesus, we cultivate vibrant community for purposeful living.

Our mission, explained: Healthy organizations are built on foundational values. Frederick Living has a foundation based on a Christian heritage. As a result, we create an inclusive community for staff and residents from many faith traditions and those with no faith tradition. We desire to maintain this heritage. We look at the life and teachings of Jesus for inspiration on how we can best live and work together in this world, believing that if we do this well, it will lead us to abundance, not scarcity… to trust, not control… to love, not fear.

Be Kind. Do Good. Show Love.

Our guiding principle, explained: Guiding principles are the characteristics or qualities that articulate the desired behavior within an organization. Guiding principles contribute to and should be consistent with an organization’s culture.

A guiding principle is a strongly held belief that is understood and embraced by all our team members. It should influence and guide employee behavior, actions and decisions. We created our guiding principle to meet each of these definitions and because it emphasizes our commitment to person-centered care for everyone in our community.

Our guiding principle complements Garden Spot’s long-standing values of excellence, innovation, integrity, service, stewardship and community.

Garden Spot Communities Leadership Team

The leadership team strives to create an innovative spirit throughout Frederick Living in order to provide relevant, life-giving experiences for all. Residents say that one of the things that makes Frederick Living different is the diversity of work experience and commitment of team members throughout the organization, regardless of responsibilities.

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