Melissa Strawser, Printmaker-Sculptor

Melissa Strawser studied MA Fine Art in Printmaking at The Slade School of Fine Art, University College, London, mentoring with head of Printmaking, the late Professor Bartolomeu dos Santos (Portuguese Printmaker) and his Tavira Print Workshop and Sir Stanley Jones of Curwen Press in Cambridge UK. She holds a First Honor, MA Fine Art/Printmaking and a BFA from William Paterson University. Melissa is a 5th Generation Artist from a family better known for Pennsylvania Folk Art—the family of (Brunner-Gottshall-Strawser).

Intaglio Prints:  Melissa makes original hand pulled prints by drawing onto Copperplates—under the technique(s) known as Intaglio. These prints use Aquatint and Chine Colle’ (meaning China Paper; a 15th c. technique using fine Japanese and China papers).  She prints using black and blue ink only—the color you see in her work is all paper(s).   She creates a monographic impression which are original.  Each copperplate can be printed again, but never the same impression. Therefore, each print is one of a kind or “Artist Proof,” with the exception of 2 editions which were printed by her dealers’ Printer in Germany.  When the ink meets the warm copperplate combined with the wet paper, all the colored papers are fused together on the press giving an illusion of depth steep in color.

She has been making prints since 19 years of age and feels fortunate that she found a love for printmaking at this youthful age.  Other Printmaking Techniques she uses include Etching, Aquatint, Engraving, Chine Colle’, Monotype Printing, Photomechanical Methods, Non-Silver pigment based Gum Printing, Cyanotype, Screen Printing and Lithography.

The Gallery at Frederick Living is open to the public between the hours of 8 AM-5 PM.  A portion of the sales from the prints will be donated to the Frederick Living Resident Benevolent Fund.

Melissa Strawser


Barto Print Workshop/Bertoia Studio

644 Main Street, Bally, PA 19503

Mobile:  484.538.7867