What is Continuing Care?

January 3, 2024

The Three Cs of Frederick Living’s Continuing Care Retirement Community


A continuing care retirement community, Frederick Living provides a full spectrum of person-centered care—from independent living to personal care to memory care personal care and skilled nursing.

Frederick Living offers maintenance-free villas, two types of cottages (The Meadows and The Dogwood & Maplewood Cottages), and apartment living for those who want to live active, independent lives while taking advantage of all of Frederick Living’s amenities.

In addition, we offer personal care opportunities. People who live in the Magnolia House personal care neighborhood receive assistance with the activities of daily living while maintaining independence.

Residents in Aspen House benefit from specialized dementia care. In addition to the activities of daily living, residents in Aspen House receive personal care tailored to their memory care needs.

Last, Frederick Living’s Cedarwood Health Center offers short-term rehabilitation therapy to help you get back on your feet after a hospital stay or long-term care for people with a prolonged illness. Around-the-clock licensed nursing care in Cedarwood Health Center helps each resident meet their individual goals.

Respite care is available at all levels of care, connecting people with the level of care they need at the moment.

At Frederick Living, continuing care means you do not need to worry about arranging for your future health care needs—you always have access to our full continuum of on-site health care services, should you ever need it.


At Frederick Living, our care is consciously and unambiguously person-centered. This means we seek to preserve the dignity and autonomy of every person who lives here in every aspect of life.

We place the desires of those who live here first allowing their voices to be heard and their choices honored as much as possible. Our caregiving teams are dedicated to the residents they work with every day. As a result, our caregivers come to know and love each resident they work with—and our residents come to know and love those who work with them. A family atmosphere develops—no one lives or works among strangers at Frederick Living!


Finally, at Frederick Living, we are emphatically a community. Our small-town feel means that we know each other, we care about each other, and we feel connected to each other. This also goes for families, who often comment on the friendly, welcoming spirit at Frederick Living.

To learn more about your opportunities to live with purpose in community, contact us.

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