PS Salons – New Point of Sale and Celebrations!


Starting next week each salon will have an iPad with our POS (point of sale) system. The stylists will no longer fill out sheets. The sales will be rung up on the POS system. Residents or caretakers will sign for each sale. At the end of the day the stylists will submit their sales to PS and the sales will be available to the community after they are submitted on the community dashboard through PS.

We will also be promoting our new Celebration Accounts. This will replace our gift certificates. All the outstanding gift certificates in the salons are still valid and will be used until they are gone. The Celebration Account information is attached. It is also a rewards program where the residents will earn extra dollars every time money is added to their account plus $5 during their birthday month. I have mailers that I will bring next week to be mailed out in the monthly billing. A family member, friend or a resident can add money to the residents account. It’s great for birthday and holiday gifts. It also gives the family members another way to connect with their loved one!