Paintings by “The Open Art Studio”: A New Art Exhibit Opens at Frederick Living

All of the artists featured in a new exhibit at the Gallery at Frederick Living are from “The Open Art Studio” housed in the Center at Spring Street for Senior Citizens in Boyertown. This group has been ongoing for several years, meeting once a week on Tuesday afternoons.

Jean Cromie, Barbara Benhart, Jessi Bobar, Dorothy Zegiestowsky and Jean Esbensen are all local artists.  They are excited and passionate about painting and have amazed everyone at the Center with how far they have come in expressing themselves (point of view) with color and canvas.

Local artist, Fran Wieckowski, guides the exhibit artists in mixing color, composition, dynamics of shape, and their relationships in space. They are grateful and thrilled to have a showing of their works at Frederick Living representing the local art community!

The Gallery at Frederick Living is open to the public between the hours of 8 AM-5 PM.  This exhibit runs through the end of July.