Frederick Living Welcomes New Board Members

Anyone who serves on the Board of a non-profit organization performs a noble work. I am deeply grateful for those individuals who give of their time and talent to lead and to provide effective governance for Frederick Living. Accordingly, we acknowledge the dedicated service and the commitment to mission of outgoing Board members, James Longacre and Dean Stoesz. “Thank you” Jim and Dean for investing yourselves in our community.
Welcoming the following to their first term on the Board was a highlight of the November 2020 Board Session:
Sunita Nikerle teaches mathematics in the higher education setting.
Sharon Holfeld is a senior level administrator for a multi-site physicians practice.
Jim Landis is a recently retired business owner/operator.
Diverse backgrounds and expertise are important to a Board that seeks to lead with a future mindset. Just as critical are the traits and qualities of the individual themselves. Each of the above was interviewed prior to appointment to ensure commitment to mission, alignment with core values and readiness for the robust engagement that Board leadership entails.
We request your prayers for our new members and for the full Board complement as they seek to lead well in the days ahead.