If You Don’t Like Trains

You’re Missing Out

The Train Enthusiasts do more than just gather as hobbyists. Meeting weekly, they dedicate their time to constructing a miniature world interconnected tracks and trains. The highlight of their efforts is the open houses, inviting train lovers off all ages to step into this miniature world. Through their dedication, the Train Enthusiasts at Frederick Living extends an invitation to join them in making connections in community.


Featured Micro-Communities

Discover the heart of Frederick Living through involvement in micro-communities. Formed around a common passion, talent or experience, resident-inspired and led micro-communities connect people and build the unique culture.

Learn About More Micro-Communities at Frederick Living

The beading micro-community enjoys gathering to create beaded art, including various types of jewelry. Creativity abounds as this group meets to share their passion for beading and learn new techniques.

The quilting micro-community creates incredible works of art using the time-honored tradition of quilting. The quilters meet monthly to share their individual works in progress.

Various Bible Studies meet throughout the week. A large group study is led by the Chaplain and smaller groups led by residents meet throughout the community, offering an opportunity for people to explore their faith in a new way.

Frederick Living’s Bocce Court and Horseshoe Pitching Boxes are a natural gathering place for those who love to play these games. This micro-community meets regularly in the spring and summer to play and build community through recreation.

This group is committed to reading and learning in community, the Book Club micro-community chooses a monthly book to read and discuss.

The Bunco micro-community meets to toss dice with this fun game. Laughter and cheers abound as the group builds community through fellowship and time together.

People with a passion for needlework, knitting or crochet, gather to pursue their art in community. They enjoy working together to create scarves, hats, blankets and other items, many of which are donated to local organizations in need. They enjoy working together, sharing techniques and their finished work.

Weekly gatherings of game play using tiles to build winning “hands.” Players take turns and enjoy community throughout the afternoon.

Creativity abounds as this group makes seasonal crafts and gifts to share within the community, providing team members and those in skilled nursing decorations and thank you gifts.

The Frederick Choir rehearses weekly for special performances throughout the year and for Sunday Church services. Anyone who loves to sing is encouraged to join the micro-community of joyful voices.

Each summer this group grows vegetables and flowers in plots or raised container boxes. Members support each other with caring for the gardens during vacations.

The miniature golf course hosts friendly competitions within the micro-community. The course also is a wonderful place to bring visitors and grandchildren.

Meeting three times a week, this group of gentlemen go through their strength training regimen on the weight machines in the Body Shop. The group provides encouragement to keep active and remain strong.

Those who love the classic pastime of running railroad sets tend to the two sets in the Train Room. The group meets weekly to repair components and keep the railways running in top shape.

Woodworkers utilize this community shop for producing pieces of both artistic and practical use. A variety of tools and machinery is available for this micro-community to use as needed.

Both seasoned artists and those who wish to learn come together for instruction and painting time together. Works in progress are displayed in the studio window for all to enjoy. 

This group gathers to brainstorm and plan group day trips to local museums, entertainment venues and restaurants for fellow residents.

Several groups of bowlers meet weekly for virtual bowling. Friendly matches are played in a small group community setting.

Evening entertainment takes place over this card game played in a large group setting. Similar to Canasta, the game has a flexible amount of players.

Players rely on both luck and skill in this classic domino game.

Players gather in groups of three and four to play this classic card game. Partners and opponents rotate within this micro-community as players are available.