Throwback Thursday- Sunday Worship Services

Around 1915, Menno S. and Lottie Landis Rosenberger of Milford Square, Pennsylvania often drove to Frederick Mennonite Home along with a group of other West Swamp Mennonite Church parishioners. The families would hold a Sunday worship service, which included special music.  After the service, they shared a meal with residents of the community that they had brought along with them. These were special occasions of fellowship for the farm families. The children romped on the grounds and roamed to check out the chicken barn, the plow horse, and the piglets bought to be fattened up for the fall butchering.

Clarence Rosenberger and his sister Marian Rosenberger Mohr were young children back then, but they knew that “Mom and Pop were always supportive of The Home.” They, along with their parents, Menno and Landis, faithfully visited friends, church members, and relatives such as Norwood Landis, J. Walter Landis, and Sam Hillpot who lived here. Menno served on the Board of Managers. In 1957, he donated funds for Frederick Mennonite Community’s first chapel in memory of his wife, Lottie.