Throwback Thursday- Rev. Larry Smith, Adminstrator

Administration was initially carried out by the steward and matron who acted as nucleus of an extended family. Sixty-eight years later, with the hiring of Rev. and Mrs. W.S. Shelly, the term “administrator” came into use for leadership of the major two-story addition finished in 1957.

Prior to government licensing, administrators were chosen from conference ministers. They would preach as services, lead devotions and prayers at meals as well as perform the day-to-day duties or operation.

Rev. Larry Smith came to Frederick’s role of administrator as a single man. It was here that he met Marlene Ruth, a nurse who would later become his wife. They had two children and Donnie and Debbie grew up around the residents and enjoyed the benefits of Christmas with a “Home” full of “Grandparents” to shower them with many purchased trinkets. Larry and Marlene lived on the grounds. He saw his work as a ministry; the home was operated as a mission for those who lived here, many of them with limited resources.