2015 Resident and Staff Art Show at Frederick Living

This new art exhibit features the work of our Independent Living, Personal Care, and Skilled Nursing residents and staff. Acrylics, watercolor, and oil paints are featured in the show.

Some of the work featured is from residents who were professional artists before residing at Frederick Living. Other art work is from residents and staff who participate in our Drawing Class and Painting Class on Monday afternoons, taught by local artist and teacher, Fran Wieckowski.

Fran encourages the participants to paint subjects that they love and express themselves through their paintings. Some participants choose replicas such as Van Gogh and others bring their own ideas.

The exhibit features a variety of subjects such as landscapes and animals and is open to the public through the end of April. Family, friends, residents, and staff are welcome to join the artists for an Art Reception on Monday, March 16 at 1:30 PM outside the Body Shop.