Frederick Living Cedarwood Window Visitation and Salon Opening

Frederick Living Cedarwood Window Visitation
Effective 7/20/2020

We are pleased to move to the first phase of our reopening of Cedarwood COVID-19 transition! Frederick Living takes into consideration our most fragile residents in Cedarwood. We appreciate your participation and full cooperation with these criteria. We have consulted with the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), and the Frederick Living Medical Director. On 7/16/2020, Senior Leadership approved the following plan for Cedarwood window visitation (weather permitting), to begin on 7-20-2020. The following criteria are hereby outlined.
Cedarwood Window Visitation Criteria:
1. Visitors and residents should adhere to social distancing of 6 feet, wear a mask, and practice
hand hygiene by washing hands and/or using hand sanitizer.
2. Hours of visitation Monday through Saturday 10:00am to 11:30 am and 3:00pm through 4:30pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
3. Number of Guests: 2, must be over the age of 15 years
4. No Pet visitation at this time
5. Window visits will be scheduled by appointment with Life Enrichment. Please contact Lavon or Christine at 610-754-7878 ext. 203
6. No more than 2 visits per week to allow for other families to schedule visits as well.
7. Visitation time will be in ½ hour increments, by appointment.
8. Guests must be screened at the Magnolia front entrance and receive a guest tag for the specific date PRIOR to driving around to the designated parking spot at the end of the front parking lot. Signage and cones are place around designated parking spots. Follow the path in front of the parking spots to the third path on the left. This leads to the outside visitation area for Cedarwood.
9. Guests are not permitted in other areas of the campus, i.e. Personal Care, Bistro area, Gift Shop, etc.
10. Visitors are asked to promptly leave the campus after the schedule visit to allow time to prepare for the next visitors.
11. Frederick Living reserves the right to revoke visitation privileges due to noncompliance with these criteria, direction from the Pennsylvania Department of Health or an onset of COVID-19 on the campus.

Cedarwood Salon Re Opening:
Plans have been finalized to re-open the Salon on Violet Lane for our Aspen and Cedarwood residents starting the week of July 27, 2020. Your continued patience is appreciated, as we will try to get everyone seen as quickly as possible.

For questions or to report a concern, please contact: Ann Marks (610) 754- 7878 Ext. 123

Erica Moss NHA (610) 754-7878 Ext. 219