Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Recognizes Frederick Living

Attached is the letter sent to Carol in Aspen, our memory support neighborhood.


These are wonderful pictures! We will be posting them soon. I’m glad to hear you were able to use the prize money for something useful and look forward to seeing the pictures and maybe a brief testimonial. I would also love to take the opportunity to chat with you briefly when you have the time about potentially sharing some activity ideas in AFA’s members only log-in section. We are working on developing a lot of new content contributed by member organizations such as yours so that you all can share ideas with one another about activities, fundraising ideas, and educational/training opportunities. It would be great if Frederick Living could send some photos and descriptions of some of the great activities you are doing along with a how-to. We would of course credit you and your org. Let me know what you think! It could be a great marketing opportunity as well as you would be able to say that your facility’s activities were shared as a best practice in dementia care by AFA.


Christopher Leech Membership & Excellence in Care Coordinator

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America